Monday, July 1, 2013

Facebook Account Manager with Google Scrip scriptDB

How it's look like?

Visit this page for preview:

Setting up your own scriptDB

  1. Login to your google account.
  2. Go to
  3. Create a New Project.
  4. Give it a title My FB account manager scriptDB or whatever.
  5. Copy the Codes from ... /edit?usp=sharing
  6. Paste into your Project above.
  7. Save your Project.
  8. Run function cekDB for the first time to authorize the script before distributing the URL. [ Run->cekDB ]
  9. Set up your Project Version
    [ File->Manage versions->Save new version->OK ]
  10. Deploy your project as web app
    [ Publish->Deploy as web app
    ->Execute the app as: me
    ->Who has access to the app: Anyone, even anonymous
  11. Copy the Current web app URL shown and save it for your self.
  12. You may replace the thisUri of aing variable value with yours above.
  13. Now you have your own scriptDB URL and your scriptDB is ready to Rock \m/.

Using The Account Manager Console

You may use our Online Console at or you may save the page as your own local htlm file or whatever, actually that did not make any difference at all :P.

This console is totally safe, no one will able to access your account list as long as they don't know what your scriptDB URL is.

You may use multiple scriptDB URL and the script will remember each of it as long as you don't close the console page.

For the sake of security reasons we don't save any cookies or etc. on the console page, that's why it'll better to keep the page open on your browser tab or you may pin the tab in chrome.

About the Access Token

Make sure that the access_token has extended permissions email and user_birthday. Check at

If you're getting the access token from Multi Tools | AingCreations, you better use Facebook for Android application or BlackBerry Smartphones App.

But if you can't get the offline access permission (&expires_in=0) or at less a long lived access token from them, you may use your own application and get the long-lived access token from it at Get Long-Lived Access Token | AingCreations

Auto Update Status

Function name:
Periodically update status of each user on scriptDB list with status from pages listed on robot.pages array.
Trigger Timer:
If there're 6 accounts on scriptDB list and the trigger set to every 10 minutes
then each account will automatically update status every hour.

Auto Post to Groups

Function name:
Periodically post to group of each user on scriptDB list with status from pages listed on robot.pages array.
Trigger Timer:
If there're 6 accounts on scriptDB list and the trigger set to every 10 minutes
then each account will automatically post to group every hour.

Wall Groups Post Digger

Function name:
Periodically comment on one post at every 25 post per-page on a group wall of each user on scriptDB list with message Hey @[] plus random emoji code listed on aing.emojis array.
Trigger Timer:
Set it to every minutes or every 5 minutes or just don't set the trigger.
Any Suggestions, criticism, ideas or feedback? Just write it down in the comment section below :)

Have a nice day! and remember, smoking is good for your inspirations \m/


Aing Uwi said...

Gue PertamaX

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gimana teh maksudnya?

Mark Zangkung Badag said...

deuh kang Uwi mah sok maen belakang -_-"

Aing Uwi said...

Hehe Zangkung Badag :3 #suram

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Gue Anaz said...

smoking is good for your inspirations \m/ PANTESAN GUE GAK PERNAH NGEROKOK JADI G punya inspiasi kwkwkwkw

Edwin IncRediable said...

Anyar euy... keren abizzzz

Edwin IncRediable said...

kang Anaz balik lagi tah?

Dwi Siswanto (CaFc Versace) said...

Ngerokok MATI
Gak ngerokok ? Tetep aja MATI
Jadi... meerokoklah SAMPAI MATI kwkawkawka :v

Dwi Siswanto (CaFc Versace) said...

ini maksudnya buat apa ? XD

CFx Nymouz said...

asemm ketinggalan :/ :/

Aing Uwi said...

Wow lahir kembalii :D

Gue'SihCuek Mereka'PadaPunya Nama'Panjang Tapi'AkuMemiliki Cinta'YangPanjangSamaKamu said...

come back ;)
blog aing redirect mulu :P

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nadya fadilla said...

gmna nih maksud nya ?

UwiCreations said...

Kang febrie Eror nih :v Gak bisa add,replace akun baru

mangan said...

{"error":"Hanya parameter ambil dan simpan yang bisa diterima"}

JeffDelux3 said...

dont work cant get a token;(

Lutfi said...

kok gak dapet token dari bang?
gimana caranya?

Lutfi said...

Petunjuk cara ngatur auto update statusnya gimana?

Aing Uwi said...

Faceboook Account Transpeureur (Transfer)

ayman mahmahi said...

thenk you

Anonymous said...

do you have a blogg ?

Unknown said...

Mintak Script Auto Post

Anonymous said...

Please, sir, Is it possible to give me a special codes console Facebook, fast,Please

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