Friday, April 19, 2013

Facebook Photo upFlood :P

A little trick

    • Use Mozilla Firefox Browser
    • Go to someone Facebook Album (or click here for example)
    • Right click anywhere on blank space and choose View Page Info
    • Click on Media tab (upper left corner)
    • You can search for the image URL one by one and then copy and paste into photo URLs textarea below (Click here for illustration)
    • Or you can hold Ctrl key while selecting and then copy and paste them all (Click here for illustration)
    • Or you can just select them all an then copy and paste below then see what happend :D
Photo URLs:
Upload from:
Access Token:
Your own Application ID: Get Token
Destination Album Name:
Upload to:
Upload Now!

On this version

  1. We're Romoving
    • /p206x206 from Facebook thumbnail URLs
  2. Replacing
    • /s320/ and /s400/ with /s1600/ for Blogger Image URLs
    • _q.jpg, _s.jpg and _a.jpg with _n.jpg for Facebook Image URLs
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Unknown said...

hi i would like to know how do you create these things please guide me or please show me how to write facebook scripts